Live Webinar ‘First aid for crying babies’ by Thomas Harms


Thursday 9 March 19:30 – 21:00

Extreme crying of babies can plunge parents into a deep crisis. The first step to get out of this is to teach them to be a stable beacon for their baby’s emotion regulation. The main guiding technique is the ‘Emotional First Aid Method’, developed by the German psychologist and therapist Thomas Harms. He focuses on a body-centered approach. In an English seminar, provided by IMH Nederland and Vakblad Vroeg, he will expand on the ins & outs of his method.

For parents of a crying baby, it is anything but easy to keep a cool head: they want to comfort their baby, but often do not know how. Their baby, in turn, senses their stress. As a result, parents and a child often end up in a vicious circle.

As a psychologist, Thomas Harms regularly sees desperate parents at his office. Parents who constantly are afraid of another crying fit from their baby, or are feeling personally attacked by it. To help them better, he developed the intervention ‘First aid for crying babies’, based on his experience with body-oriented therapy. The keyword is self-connection.

One of the working methods that Thomas applies is briefly described: he asks the mother together with the baby, with the other parent behind them, to take a seat on comfortable pillows on the floor. Next, the parents are asked to focus on their bodily sensations and breath. By doing so, they create space for all the feelings that the baby wants to express. This way, parents learn to be a stable beacon for their baby’s emotional regulation.

In about half of the cases, the baby quickly becomes calm. What is also possible however, is that the baby starts crying louder and louder. The sound goes through the bone – and it comes in waves. This can take up to 15 or 20 minutes. Harms calls this ‘remembrance crying’. It almost seems like a trauma from time in the womb or during birth comes up. Once expressed, a beautiful open connection is created between baby and parents.

Properly applied, his method can help parents be a safe haven for their children. During the webinar, Thomas Harms will work out this approach more closely on the basis of short practical demonstrations and video material of baby-parent therapy.

Date and time (Dutch time zone)
Thursday 9 March | 19.30-21.00 uur

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Vakblad Vroeg & IMH Nederland


Thomas Harms is a psychologist and body-oriented therapist. In 1993 he founded a crying baby clinic in Berlin where parents could go for guidance. There, he developed his ‘Emotional First Aid Method’, a successful approach for crying babies based on insights from, among other things, attachment theory. He also opened the ‘crying baby ambulance’ in Bremen, with which he even visited parents in crisis at home. Now, he trains healthcare providers all over the world in his approach.

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