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English E-learning Infant Mental Health


This e-learning is 9-hours and takes place in our online learning environment


Are you curious about the Infant Mental Health vision and would you like to learn more about it? In the 9-hour e-learning IMH you will be introduced to the basic concepts, theories and models of the Infant Mental Health vision. You will learn what the IMH vision entails. You learn about the parent – child relationship, how to observe it and what does this tell you? In addition, the influence of the past on the here and now of the parent, the child and the parent-child relationship is considered.

Content E-learning

Block 1: Introduction to IMH – approximately 2½ hours
– Infant Mental Health Vision & intuitive parenting and regulation
– Infant Mental Health models – Bronfenbrenner, Transactional model – Belsky
– Infant Mental Health concept – The Motherhood Constellation – Stern
– Infant Mental Health models – Port of Entry – Stern

Block 2 Parent-child relationship – approximately 4½ hours
– Transition parenting, Repair and recovery
– Strengthening the parent-child relationship using the Circles of Safety and Trust
– Mentalizing
– Intergenerational trauma, Ghosts & Angels in the nursery

Block 3 Resilience & Vulnerability – approximately 1½ hours
– Child factors: The competent baby & stress
– Treatment plan and promoting resilience

Knowledge test – approximately ½ hour

You will have access to the e-learning for one year.


Please note: if you complete the e-learning prior to a training day or course, check the admission requirements for the training day or course to see if you meet these. In order to proceed to a training day or skills course, the e-learning knowledge test must be passed with a minimum of 60%.

Practical information

Access e-learning
You will receive the login for our online learning environment within 72 hours (on working days).

Learning and building network care at the same time
With the start with the e-learning you get access to our online environment and our platform. You get:

– Access to our public online IMH-community group
– Access to the knowledge base of IMH Nederland, containing many practical tools for clinical practice
– Access to our network care manuals
– You will receive your own account

Length of time
The e-learning lasts 9 hours and takes place in our online learning environment.

– Final knowledge test incorporating Belsky’s Social Ecological Model.​


Wil jij IMH materialen altijd bij de hand hebben? Tot 1 maart kun je bij ons een fysieke map met daarin een overzicht van IMH vaardigheden, modellen en materialen verkrijgen. Lees meer