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Parent & Infant Mental Health course


december 2023 till may 2024


Mission course

In this course we provide professionals working with families with young children a toolkit of knowledge and skills related to Infant Mental Health and how to apply this philosophy in (clinical) practice. In contrast to the Introduction Course, in the Basic Course, you as a participant will practice much more with the application of (conversation) skills and work on translating theory into practice. In this course, with recent empirical knowledge, we teach professionals to think and work with the perspective of Infant Mental Health, a vision that considers all needs: the child, the parents, the caregivers, and the network around them.

The didactic climate for professionals is inspiring, inviting, challenging, and safe at the same time. Reflection on one’s own actions, thinking about innovation, and collaboration in the chain are important core values that are part of the training offered by IMH Netherlands. This Basic Course in Infant Mental Health is designed with these values in mind.

If the course is offered incompany, the Basic Course also aims to ensure that you speak the same language internally so that you can act in a consistent manner within your organization regarding pregnant women and families with young children.

By taking the Basic IMH Course, you can participate in the IMH Network Care as an Infant Family Associate.

Impression blended learning 


Extra information

Marilene de Zeeuw: clinical psychologist & IMH-specialist 

Practical information:
The course consists of 60 hours. The course is organized in a blended format, which means it involves a combination of teaching methods. We will meet in person for a total of 3 days and online for 4 days*. The first day at the beginning of the course and 2 concluding days at the end of the course will be in-person class sessions. Additionally, we will work together in a digital classroom. The work in the digital classroom is divided into 5 modules, each of which concludes with a knowledge assessment and an interactive (online) lecture where individual and group assignments are discussed collectively. In addition, these online lectures provide an opportunity for skills training in subgroups. You will have access to this digital classroom from the time of registration until one year after completion. All assignments are available in this learning environment. You can complete individual assignments at your own pace, while group assignments will be done in small, fixed subgroups at mutually agreed-upon times. There is ample room in the online environment for asking questions during the course. During the in-person meetings, we will make the most of the group to enhance learning, with a focus on skill development.

*The course will be entirely online for up to 6 participants. From 7 participants onwards, we will have live class days (day 1, 6 & 7) at a location in Arnhem, with the option for hybrid attendance.

Study workload:
The course has a study load of 60 hours.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 – Live class day 1
Tuesday, January 9, 2024 – Online lesson 1
Tuesday, February 6, 2024 – Online lesson 2
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 – Online lesson 3
Tuesday, April 9, 2024 – Online lesson 4
Monday, May 27, and Tuesday, May 28, 2024 – Concluding live class days

Registration is final once you have received a confirmation of enrollment from us and the invoice has been paid. Registering and receiving confirmation through the website does not guarantee you a spot in the course.

The course will proceed with a minimum of 6 participants, and there is a maximum of 12 participants.

You will receive a certificate if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You are present for at least 83% of the contact sessions (you may not miss more than 1 hour per 6 hours).
  2. The attendance requirement applies to both online meetings and face-to-face sessions combined.
  3. You have successfully completed all assignments listed in the assessment overview.

Admission Requirements

HBO(+) Professionals and WO(+) Professionals working with parents and young children, registered in the SKJ register, BIG/RIVIZ register, Register for Arts Therapists, or Quality Register Paramedics (ADAP). JGZ and GGD professionals, in particular, are invited, as well as practice assistants in general practice.

If your job title is not listed but you would like to participate, please contact us at to discuss customized admission requirements.

Admission Requirements:

  1. Minimum of 2 years of work experience in young child care.
  2. At least 8 hours per week working in young child care.
  3. Affiliated with a professional register that governs complaint and disciplinary procedures.



SKJ (Youth Care Professional Register)
Youth and Family Professionals: 85 points

Accreditation Agency for NIP Child and Adolescent Psychologist (K&J) / NVO Generalist in Educational Psychology (OG)
K&J/OG Re-registration: 53 points
K&J/OG Training – Treatment: 24 points
K&J/OG Training – Assessment: 29 points
K&J/OG Training – Additional Literature Study: 21 points

Accreditation Agency for Nurse Specialist Register
Education for Nurse Specialists: 55 points

Accreditation Agency for Quality Register V&V and Register Healthcare Professionals
Mental Health Education: 55 points
Pediatric Nursing Education: 55 points
Child Nursing Education: 55 points
Psychiatric Nurse Education: 55 points
Reproduction, Obstetrics, and Gynecology Education: 55 points


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